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What I'm Reading

  • Rod Olson: The Legacy Builder
  • Mark Batterson: Chase the Lion
  • James MacDonald: Way of Wisdom

Please Read

  • Mark Batterson: Chasing the Lion
  • David Platt: Radical
    A must read for anyone serious about church and their walk with Jesus Christ. (*****)
  • Rod Olson: The Legacy Builder
  • Andy Stanley: The Principle of the Path
    Direction Determines Destination (*****)

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October 15, 2007



Just thought I would read your blog and let you know there are people who are praying and thinking in the same way you are. I know sometimes it seems we are alone in our own thoughts and no one knows, but God knows and sometimes he will let us know if we listen. I am trying to listen, but sometimes its hard when you have thoughts that keep you from listen. Just my thoughts
It was supose to go here sorry

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